100% handgesponnene, tibetische Hochlandschurwolle, gewonnen vom lebenden Schaf, traditionell pflanzlich gefärbt, pot-dyed

handgeknüpft mit 100/80/60 Knoten/Quadratinch

Durch manuelle Fertigung und traditionelle Färbung entstehen Unikate – geringe Unterschiede in Größe und Farbton sind möglich.

variabel, wie gewünscht


designed by Mareike Lienau – fairtrade certified by Label STEP


100% hand-spun tibetan highland wool from living sheep, traditionally plant-dyed, pot-dyed

hand-knotted with 100/80/60 knots/square inch

Manual techniques and traditional pot-dying makes every piece unique, slight variations in size & tone are possible.

variable, as desired

@Planer: Die 100%ige Wolle spendet visuelle Wärme & tilgt unerwünschten Hall!


‚Thistle‘ designed by Mareike Lienau brings the scent of the Himalayas into the living room.
The blue thistle served as the inspiration for the pattern. Homeopathic remedy for some, magical herb for others, the spiny beauty has always kindled people’s creativity and their senses.
The thick underwool of highland sheep contains a high concentration of lanolin that ensures long-lasting quality and imbues the carpets with a natural radiance. The gentle processing of this wool guarantees that it maintains its natural qualities.

Thistle‘ won the Interior Innovation Design Award 2014.

The carpet ‚Thistle‘ can be ordered in all sizes, forms and Lyk Carpet colors.

@Interior designers: 100% wool objects provide visual warmth & reduce unwanted reverberation!