OBJECTS . Projects

Next to Lyk Carpet Objects, Mareike Lienau develops & realizes concepts

. for interiors of any kind – such as office spaces, hotels, restaurants, homes
. for exhibitions – curating design & installation in space

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OBJECTS . Projects


Mareike Lienau bringt Wolle ins Office. Sie kreiert und realisiert 24 neue Teppichobjekte für ein Project in Berlin Kreuzberg, das Mitarbeiter:innen inspiriert und neu mit dem Kunsthandwerk in Kontakt bringt: Rückenstützen, Auflageteppichen, Poufs, textile Poster und Sitzkissen.

collaboration: raumkontor /Düsseldorf

OBJECTS . Projects

Matter of Course . Exhibition Concept

Das Konzept zur Ausstellung BALANCING ACTS, des von ihr mitgegründeten Designerinnenkollektivs MATTER of COURSE, entwarf Produktdesignerin Mareike Lienau zusammen mit Friederike Delius.

Balincing in 6 Acten:
#1 tipping point, #2 mobile, #3 house of cards, #4 seesaw, #5 counterweight, #6 new hights.

The concept for the exhibition BALANCING ACTS was developed by co-founder / product designer
Mareike Lienau & Friederike Delius.
Balincing in 6 Acts:
#1 tipping point, #2 mobile, #3 house of cards, #4 seesaw, #5 counterweight, #6 new hights.
see more: Matter of Course

Object . Projects

INTRANSITIV . Exhibition

A site-specific room installation by designer Mareike Lienau of Lyk Carpet for Berlin Gallery Weekend 2020.

Traditional crafts of carpet and ceramic art are interpretedin a contemporary way. Lienau manages to detach spatialobjects from their ascribed functions, values and ideas and to present themin a completely new way. INTRANSITIVE (from the Lat. „not aiming, not passingover“) describes this creative process in which our habitual perceptionof objects is shifted to a new beginning of the senses.An added value is to be (re)experienced:By looking at and experiencing the shapes, colors and materials of the objects,new insights are generated, other perspectives revealed andsenses exchanged.The installation INTRANSITIV comprises three different ensembles:
. The seating object ensemble „Come as you are and stay together“ consists
of material contrasts that merge into each other. This ensemble was realizedin cooperation with Unique Factory Berlin.
. In the ensemble „You are unique“ the individual tiles of the vases tell their
manufacturing process. The vases are made from scrap. Scratched, torn andcrumpled, they are given an individual, new second life.
. The wall and floor objects of the ensemble ‘freePlay’ – freePlay can be
freely arranged from the existing forms. The main bodies aremade in the flat weave techniques „Soumak“, „Dari“ and „Panama“. Accents are the fringed, fluffy and fluffy bodies, which are applied complementary.The existing image of the carpet becomes modular.

collaboration: gallerygood