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three-piece ensemble_seating objects

Mareike Lienau works with geometric figures that relate to each other.
The freeplayObjects are three shapes taken from her freePlay modular rug series, transformed into three-dimensional seating objects. She explores the effect of juxtaposed structure, texture, fracture and color in space.
The objects come into contact with the viewer and with one another—arousing emotions, creating contrasts, a break or merge with their surroundings. The backrest is completely adjustable into horizontal position, and the desired back position can be adjusted in steps.


#1 round arc 140 x 78 cm

2# rectangle 94 x 56 cm

3# circle ø94 cm



. 100% tibetan highland-wool
. new pure hand-combed and hand-spun wool
. natural vegetable-dyed wool
. 100 knots per square inch – hand-knotted
. backrest is completely adjustable into horizontal position


designed by Mareike Lienau




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freeplay_Objects_in stock