100% handgesponnene, tibetische Hochlandschurwolle, gewonnen vom lebenden Schaf, traditionell pflanzlich gefärbt, pot-dyed

handgeknüpft mit 100/80/60 Knoten/Quadratinch

Durch manuelle Fertigung und traditionelle Färbung entstehen Unikate – geringe Unterschiede in Größe und Farbton sind möglich.

variabel/ Länge max. 8,5m/ Breite max. 5,5m



designed by Mareike Lienau – fairtrade certified by Label STEP


100% hand-spun tibetan highland wool from living sheep, traditionally plant-dyed, pot-dyed

hand-knotted with 100/80/60 knots/square inch

Manual techniques and traditional pot-dying makes every piece unique, slight variations in size & tone are possible.

as ordered/ lengths up to 8.5 meters/ widths of up to 5.5 meters



@Planer: Die 100%ige Wolle spendet visuelle Wärme & tilgt unerwünschten Hall!


‚Fern‘ won the German Design Award 2015- ‘Special Mention’ .

A person seeking peace fleas to an island. Or brings peace and nature of the island into their own living space!
Lyk Carpet knows that the right carpet creates feel-good islands in work spaces and living rooms. The Berlin company specializes in fair-trade hand-knitted carpets, each of them a unique piece of art. The carpets exude a powerful aura that gives each room its very own exclusive touch.

@Interior designers: 100% wool objects provide visual warmth & reduce unwanted reverberation!