Thistle brings the scent of the Himalayas into the living room. The blue thistle served as the inspiration for the pattern. Homeopathic remedy for some, magical herb for others, the spiny beauty has always kindled people’s creativity and their senses.The wool comes from Himalayan highland sheep. Their thick underwool containing a high concentration of lanolin ensures long-lasting quality and imbues the carpets with a natural radiance.
The gentle processing of this wool guarantees that it maintains its natural qualities. Lyk Carpet’s Thistle provides natural materials and high manual production quality. When the two come together, each carpet is unique with its own unique character. The carpet Thistle can be ordered in all sizes, forms and Lyk Carpet colors. All Lyk carpets are fair-trade and have been produced under environmentally-friendly conditions.


Thistel Variante

pure, plant-based dyed wool:
#N29 | #N2

100% hand-spun, Tibetan highland-wool, deep-cut

hand-knitted, plant-based

Lyk Carpet has been certified as a fair-trade organization by Label STEP in Switzerland.

Knot density:
100 knots per square inch

The shown carpet has a diameter of 1,5 m.

Together with the designers of LYK CARPET you may decide to develop the desired custom shape and the right to the space design according to your wishes – please contact us.

The Thistel comes in lengths of up to 8.5 meters and widths of up to 5.5 meters.  Alongside the Lyk Carpet collections, the label also helps customers who want to turn their own designs into their own new favourite carpets. Lyk carpets are distributed by selected retailers and interior designers.