The word Birch is attributed to a term in the Indo-European (* bherHg̑o) and means “shining, shimmering” in allusion to the bright bark as much as. In Germanic and Slavic folk beliefs birch played a big role. She was dedicated to the goddess Freya. From this period dates also the custom to bring a Maypole from the forest to set it up in the village square. It was brought to the village so that the awakening spring. Even today lives the same custom continues in the form of the maypole. Bachelor “stuck” to their loved ones a more or less large “Mai” – they decorate a tree (usually a birch) or at least a birch branch / -AST and attach it to the house or window of the elect.
To underline the mythological significance of birch as a “tree of protection”. In traditional folk beliefs were birches
especially in rural areas as road markings to prevent accidents at traffic frequented unlit alley streets and unreasonable itineraries planted because they are easily recognizable by their bright bark in the dark.
In the Indian peoples wisdoms trees symbolize always living essence of wisdom whose language you can tap into shamanism. In the popular devotion of the Catholic Church, which also includes mythological knowledge, birch is regionally at Corpus Christi used when countless young specimens in Catholic villages line the streets, by flying the processions.
With handspun and vegetable dyed virgin wool, the label has chosen a decidedly natural raw material that forms an expressive contrast to a withdrawn, reduced living Interior.



100% hand-spun, Tibetan highland-wool

hand-knitted, plant-based dyes

Lyk Carpet has been certified as a fair-trade organization by Label STEP in Switzerland.

Knot density:
100 knots per square inch

The measure shown is 3.50 m in length.

Together with the designers of LYK CARPET You have the option to leave a carpet manufacture according to your wishes individually
please contact us.

The carpet model “birch” can be purchased at selected dealers on request in sizes up to 5.50 m diameter and in all LYK CARPET colors of LYK-Color-Systems.





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