100years after the founding of the bauhaus school, Mareike Lienau interprets anew, the drawings of 4 bauhaus women, in her textile posters –  in order to draw attention to the design and effectiveness of there work.
The free-form craft-objects are made by hand from plant-dyed tibetan highland wool, in a variety of knotting techniques such as relief, 100knots, tsuksen and loops. Lyk Carpet is certified as a fair-trade organization by Label STEP.

The format is appox. A1 size.

100% hand-spun Tibetan highland wool


hand-knotted, vegetable-dyed Tibetan highland wool,
Zertifikation: LabelSTEP

Design: Mareike Lienau

@Planer: The 100% wool provides visual warmth & eliminates unwanted reverb.

lyk carpet x bauhaus | homage to the bauhaus women | textiles Poster