Modern carpet design
meets traditional craftsmanship

What many would see as opposites, modern composition and design versus age-old traditional craftsmanship are embraced at Lyk Carpet and combined into high-quality products.
The patterns are designed in Berlin and characterized by western concepts of colour, form and timeless elegance. Fashion trends play only a minor role.


Holistic company philosophy

From the first draft to the finished product – Lyk Carpet believes in fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production. Fully committed to adhering to strict social and ecological standards in carpet production, Lyk Carpet has been certified by the Swiss fair trade label STEP. Together with the local manufacturers, STEP establishes social working conditions and environmentally friendly production processes.
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LYK Design

Mareike Lienau is a passionate designer and explorer. She focuses her considerable energy on finding traditional craftsmanship and gives it a new and modern outfit. This is how the idea for Lyk Carpet was born.

Lyk Carpet produces natural carpets distinguished by their combination of traditional Tibetan knotting and western concepts of colour, form and timeless design. „Three things are important to me in my work“ says the Berliner-by-choice. „The ability to identify with the things I do, care and respect for natural resources and calm design that appeals on an emotional level.“ She places special value on using natural materials and as a responsible manufacturer she creates products with a heart and soul, produced according to social and ecological standards.

Behind Lyk Carpet

LYK CARPET was founded in Berlin in 2009 by the industrial designer Mareike Lienau. With Lyk Carpet she pays homage to traditional craftsmanship with modern design and a sustainable approach to nature.



Modern carpet design meets traditional craftsmanship – Lyk carpets convince through pure nature materials and high production quality. When the two come together, each carpet is unique with its own unique character. Using plant-based dyes and manual techniques make for the individual touch.

Leichtigkeit-nahTrue miracles made from warm wool

LYK CARPETS are made from Tibetian highland wool, one of the highest quality wools available. The reason for this is the sheep who live under extreme conditions and temperature changes in the Himalayan highlands. They develop much longer wool fibres and thick underwool containing high lanolin concentration and thus make sure that the carpets are robust and warm.
In Pockhara, a town north of Kathmandu, the wool gets pre-sorted according to its natural colour, then carded and spun, so that only the high quality long fibres are processed. Spun wool of this quality is well suited for the process of natural dyeing. The fibres will not only be coated by the dyes but penetrated right through to the core. As a consequence Lyk Carpets are colour intensive and don’t fade. After sorting, all the following steps in the production process such as for example dyeing, knotting and the final washing of the carpets take place in the workshop in Kathmandu Valley.


each carpet is unique with its own unique character

Every single carpet is a unique work of art with a unique character that won’t cease to be a source of happiness since it has been produced under fair-trade conditions. The Swiss fair-trade company Label STEP guarantees production according to strict social and ecological standards.
Lyk carpets come in lengths of up to 8.5 meters and widths of up to 5.5 meters.  Alongside the Lyk Carpet collections, the label also helps customers who want to turn their own designs into their own new favourite carpets.
Lyk carpets are distributed by selected retailers and interior designers.