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Fairtrade Fairtrade

Sustainability as a designer?
I can take responsibility by choosing to respect people and nature by determining
how and under what conditions my product is manufactured.
Sustainability as a consumer? Whether as a designer, consumer or in general …

Design Design

What many would see as opposites, modern composition and design versus
age-old traditional craftsmanship are embraced at Lyk Carpet and combined into high-quality products. The patterns are designed in Berlin and characterized by western concepts of colour, form and timeless elegance.

Quality Quality

Their secret? The interaction between high quality raw materials and excellent manual handicraft. The result? Carpets made from pure, plant-based dyed highland wool – without a single drop of chemical agents that could interfere with the carpet quality.


neues von LYK CARPET



… – fine tibetan LYK CARPET-crafts re-interpreted. In anticipation of our “phygital” future, pioneering visual studio Zeitguised asked influential conceptual textile artist Nadine Goepfert to produce analogue reflections of their digital textile designs. Her bespoke fabrics reveal connection points that fuse advanced physical and digital design.

New Cooperation

New Cooperation

Please see our new Partner: … Loft Kolasiński www.loft-kolasinski.com www.facebook.com/Loft.Kolasinski www.instagram.com/loft.kolasinski/ room capacity shop, Linienstrasse 150, 10115 Berlin https://www.facebook.com/room-capacity

The FERN lights – …

The FERN lights – …

 … The THISTLE shows contrast! The winning design shows its effect now in new color combinations. The Fern jungle than 3m / 2.50m large projection in iridescent gold ocher and copper orange. The vegetable Gold Ochre is an elegant color – bright enough to remember shimmering gold – but at the same time also to […]

Lyk Carpet is for people –
who see more than just a soft floor covering in a handmade carpet,
for whom a handmade carpet is not something mass produced but rather a matter of the heart.


alles über unsere teppiche

own carpet

Together with the designers of LYK CARPET you may decide to develop the desired custom shape and the right to the space design
according to your wishes – please contact us.


- LykCarpet-Color-System
plant-based dyes
pure nature

Did you know that a handful of plants, roots and bark could create up to 70 distinct colours?
What’s more: The plant dyes penetrate right through to the core of the fibres, so don’t fade but retain their wonderful intense colours.


- plant-based dyes
with you

Every single carpet is a unique piece of art with a unique character that won’t cease to be a source of happiness since it has been produced under fair trade conditions.


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